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How to Make a Copy of a PowerPoint

Are you looking to make a copy of a PowerPoint presentation? Whether you need to duplicate a presentation for collaboration purposes or create backup copies for archival reasons, knowing how to copy a PowerPoint is an essential skill. In this article, we will guide you through various methods to duplicate PowerPoint slides, entire files, and even set up automatic backups. Let’s explore the steps and techniques to make copying PowerPoint presentations a breeze.

Methods to Duplicate PowerPoint Slides

If you need to duplicate PowerPoint slides, there are several methods you can use. The following techniques will help you copy and transfer slides within the same presentation or between different ones.

Duplicating a Single Slide in PowerPoint

If you want to make a copy of a single slide in the same PowerPoint presentation, start by selecting the slide you wish to duplicate. Then, locate the top menu and click on the “New Slide” button. From the dropdown menu, choose the option to duplicate the selected slide. This will create an exact copy of the slide within the same presentation.

Copying Slides from One PowerPoint to Another

If you need to copy slides from one PowerPoint presentation to another, the process is simple. Start by opening the presentation containing the slides you want to copy. Then, select the desired slide and click on the “Copy” icon located in the home menu. Next, open the destination presentation and click on the “Paste” icon. This will insert the copied slides into the new presentation, allowing you to transfer them easily.

Creating Duplicate Slides for Easy Slide Management

Duplicating PowerPoint slides can be a time-saving technique for managing and organizing your presentations. Whether you need to reuse slides, create variations for different audiences, or make backups of important content, knowing how to duplicate slides is a valuable skill. By utilizing the methods discussed above, you can efficiently duplicate slides within a presentation or transfer them to new files as needed.

Benefits of Duplicating PowerPoint Slides
Easily reuse slides in multiple presentations
Create customized versions of presentations for different audiences
Efficiently manage and organize your PowerPoint files
Backup important slides and content for future use

By mastering the methods to duplicate PowerPoint slides, you can enhance your productivity and streamline your presentation creation process. Whether you need to make small adjustments to existing slides or transfer entire presentations, these techniques will help you achieve your goals effectively.

Duplication of Entire PowerPoint Files

If you want to duplicate an entire PowerPoint file, there are a couple of methods you can use. One method is to copy and paste the file in the file explorer or finder. To do this, open the file explorer or finder, locate the PowerPoint file you want to copy, right-click on it, and choose the Copy option. Then, navigate to the desired location where you want to store the copy, right-click on a blank space, and choose the Paste option.

Another method is to use the Save As or Save a Copy feature in PowerPoint. Open the PowerPoint file you want to copy, go to the File menu, select Save As, choose a location to save the copy, and click Save. These methods allow you to duplicate entire PowerPoint files easily.

Below is a comparison table showcasing the different methods to duplicate entire PowerPoint files:

Method Steps
Copy and Paste in File Explorer/Finder
  1. Locate the PowerPoint file in the file explorer or finder.
  2. Right-click on the file and choose the Copy option.
  3. Navigate to the desired location and right-click on a blank space.
  4. Choose the Paste option.
Save As/Save a Copy in PowerPoint
  1. Open the PowerPoint file.
  2. Go to the File menu.
  3. Select Save As.
  4. Choose a location to save the copy.
  5. Click Save.

Using these methods, you can easily create duplicate copies of your PowerPoint files for various purposes, such as sharing, backup, or customization.

Automatic Copying of PowerPoint Files

If you want to ensure the automatic backup of your PowerPoint files, EaseUS Todo Backup is the perfect solution. With this reliable software, you can schedule regular backups of your important presentations, ensuring that you never lose your data. By setting up a scheduled backup plan, you can automate the process and have peace of mind knowing that your PowerPoint files are always protected.

EaseUS Todo Backup offers several advanced features to enhance your backup experience. With incremental and differential backup options, you can optimize the backup process by only copying the changes made to your files, reducing storage space and saving time. The software also provides the option to encrypt your backup for added security, ensuring that your PowerPoint files are safe from unauthorized access.

Additionally, EaseUS Todo Backup allows you to choose the destination for your backups. Whether you prefer an external hard drive, a network location, or cloud storage, the software supports a variety of storage options. This flexibility ensures that you can easily access your backups whenever you need them, regardless of your preferred storage method.

Key features of EaseUS Todo Backup:

  • Schedule automatic backups for your PowerPoint files
  • Choose between incremental and differential backup options
  • Encrypt your backups for added security
  • Store your backups in various locations, including external drives and cloud storage

Table: Comparison of Backup Methods

Backup Method Advantages Disadvantages
Manual Backup Immediate control over backup process Requires manual intervention and may be prone to human error
Automatic Backup with EaseUS Todo Backup Scheduled backups ensure regular protection of PowerPoint files Requires initial setup and configuration
Cloud Backup Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection May incur additional costs for cloud storage services

By utilizing the automatic backup capabilities of EaseUS Todo Backup, you can safeguard your PowerPoint files and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is protected. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, EaseUS Todo Backup is the ideal solution for automatically copying and securing your PowerPoint presentations.


In conclusion, being able to make a copy of a PowerPoint presentation offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it allows you to create duplicate slides tailored for different audiences. By customizing the content to meet the specific needs and preferences of various groups, you can deliver more impactful presentations and effectively engage your listeners.

Furthermore, copying PowerPoint presentations enables easy sharing and distribution. Whether you need to collaborate with colleagues or share your work with clients, having duplicate copies ensures seamless sharing without the risk of altering or losing the original file. This simplifies the process of collaboration and enhances productivity.

Lastly, making copies of PowerPoint presentations provides a reliable backup solution. By having duplicate files stored in different locations, you can safeguard your work against potential data loss. In the event of technical issues or accidental deletion, you can easily recover your presentations and avoid the stress and time associated with recreating them from scratch.

Overall, the ability to copy PowerPoint presentations is an essential skill that enhances productivity, enables effective communication, and provides peace of mind. By applying the methods and techniques discussed in this article, you can confidently duplicate slides, tailor content, and ensure the availability of your presentations whenever and wherever needed.


How do I make a copy of a PowerPoint presentation?

To make a copy of a PowerPoint presentation, open the presentation, go to the View tab, click on the Normal option, select the slide(s) you want to copy, right-click and choose the Copy option. Then, go to the slide thumbnail where you want to insert the copied slides, right-click again, and choose the Paste option.

How do I duplicate PowerPoint slides within the same presentation?

To duplicate a single slide within the same PowerPoint presentation, select the slide you want to duplicate, click on the New Slide button in the top menu, and choose the option to duplicate selected slides.

How do I copy slides from one PowerPoint presentation to another?

To copy slides from one PowerPoint presentation to another, select the slide you want to copy, click on the Copy icon in the home menu, open the destination presentation, and click on the Paste icon to insert the copied slides.

How do I duplicate an entire PowerPoint file?

To duplicate an entire PowerPoint file, you can copy and paste the file in the file explorer or finder. Alternatively, you can use the Save As or Save a Copy feature in PowerPoint to save a duplicate copy of the file.

How can I automatically copy a PowerPoint file for backup purposes?

You can use software like EaseUS Todo Backup to schedule automatic backups of your PowerPoint files. By setting up a backup plan, you can save your files to a specified location at a specified time, ensuring their safety and easy recovery in case of any unexpected issues.

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